Green-Stock Music Festival 2013 Tobacco Waste recycling

What a weekend! We had such an amazing time with all our friends at Green-Stock Music Festival 2013 this year. A special thanks to Shaggy Wonda for having us out to the event. We got to meet some great bands and performers as well as a fashion show where the outfits were created out of recycled material hosted by Junk to Funk! This is defiantly one of the events we always look forward to!

Sustainable Concepts Green Team – Mojostock 2013

           Sustainable Concepts Green Team @ Mojostock 2013 This year at Mojostock 2013, Sustainable Concepts will be handling all of your recycling needs. We will be bringing in 50 drink container recycling bins, as well as our newly successful Tobacco Recycling Program. We will be placing […]

Welcome Welcome

We just wanted to welcome you all to our new dynamic website again.  Here you can join us and your friends through connecting and sharing.  We have many new great things in store for you this year so keep your eyes peeled for special offers and events to get involved […]