Do you ever come across anything that you wonder "why isn?t this recyclable". Do you say things like ?What is plastic #6? or ?I wish this was recyclable??. Well we have an answer for you. Get INVOLVED!! TM is a program to help you learn more about what materials are recyclable and how to recycle them.

Get INVOLVED!! TM Is as easy as 1..2...3..

1st. Request the list of accepted items and start your collection.

2nd. Once you have collect your material send us an email requesting your shipping label.

3rd. package items by following the APPROVED Packing Procedures.

       To become a member of the Get INVOLVED!! TM. Click the JOIN button below to sign up and get the list of accepted items.  

We Are now actively looking for new locations to collect tobacco waste in Indianapolis Indiana.  Sustainable Concepts Gt would like to work with you or your favorite local business to divert tobacco waste away from our landfills and waste streams.  Please contact us below for appointment for us to come out and work with you.