Green-Stock Music Festival 2013 Tobacco Waste recycling

greenstock bannerWhat a weekend!  We had such an amazing time with all our friends at Green-Stock Music Festival 2013 this year.   A special thanks to Shaggy Wonda for having us out to the event.  We got to meet some great bands and performers as well as a fashion show where the outfits were created out of recycled material hosted by Junk to Funk!  This is defiantly one of the events we always look forward to!
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This year we brought our Tobacco Waste Recycling program to Green-Stock and collected the most waste per person that we have ever collected from any other event this year!!  We collected nearly 2200 cigarette butts!! Thank you to everyone who help make this happen, you all are very special to us and we want to say “Keep It Up!!”.

We got to meet many of the bands through the donations we received and it was a pleasure to make all of your acquaintances.  We see it as a blessing to get to meet the people whose talents help to bring us all together.  To all the bands that performed throughout the weekend and helped us out, we love to sharing our weekends together, Thank you.


We want to extend an extra special thank you to our winners of the Tobacco Waste Recycling Contest. The top three recyclers that collected the most Tobaco Waste received band merchandise prize packs.  We had over 40 people sign up and participate in the contest, we couldn’t have ask for a better turn out!  It came down to a neck and neck competition for the win and was really exciting to watch all of you participate and compete with such passion!  We had prizes donated by nearly every band that at Green-Stock that included items such as T-Shirts, Cd’s, a Vinyl Record, Posters and countless Stickers!!

Green-Stock Tobacco Waste Recycling Contest WINNERS          

 1st.   – Charissa Mosora

2nd.  – Jessica Gilles

3rd.   – Haven Hanna

     We can not wait to see you all again and bring you some more fun new ways to get excited about recycling.  We wanted to finish by thanking Old Hippie Recycling for coming out and helping to keep the grounds clean and thanks to Go Green Solutions for all you work and support as well.  Here to the weekend and to next year, Happy recycling and “Keep It Up”.