Sustainable Concepts Green Team – Mojostock 2013

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This year at Mojostock 2013, Sustainable Concepts will be handling all of your recycling needs. We will be bringing in 50 drink container recycling bins, as well as our newly successful Tobacco Recycling Program. We will be placing these bins throughout Sleepybear Camp Ground, please make sure you watch out for these bins throughout the weekend.

Mojostock 2013 will also feature our previously mentioned Tobacco Waste Recycling Program. We are making a big push this year to create as much awareness as possible about the possibilities of recycling your tobacco waste.  Our program features a collection station located at our booth (possibly more locations) and mobile educators/collectors. These stations are for you to put your empty cigarette packs, rollie tobacco pouches and extinguished cigarette butts in (please no other waste because we have to sort them by hand and that can be gross).  Out mobile educators/collectors will be roaming around creating more awareness, picking up the waste that they see as well as providing a convenient way for Mojostock goers to donate their tobacco waste. We will also be bringing our Pocket Ashtrays and they will be available for a 1$ donation.  If your not sure what a pocket ashtray is, it is a small seal-able pouch, with a tin lining that can be used to extinguish your cigarette butts and store them until you get near a collection station.  We find that many of you already already save your butts in your pocket so these are a great way for you to stay smell free and green with your tobacco waste, also all donations go right back into the program to expand on current programs and develop new ones.

We cant wait to get Green With you al this year at Mojostock 2013, come by the booth to say hi and hear about where else we will be this year and how you can involved too!

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