Tobacco Waste Drive – Summer Camp Music Festival

Sustainable Concepets Green Team – Make a Difference Program – Go Green Raffle

This year we are bringing our Tobacco Waste Drive to Summer Camp, we are recycling all tobacco waste: empty packs, cello-wrapping, roll your own pouches, butts and the ash! Our goal is to show the amount tobacco waste that is produced at events and ways that we can recycle that otherwise discarded waste. That’s right, now you can recycle your extinguished cigarette butts,and it doesn’t stop there!

pktashtrys-01240X400_2013 You can also recycle the ash, empty packs, cellophane wrapping and if you “roll your own”, the tobacco punches. Participating in this completes one item for the Make a Difference Programs, Scavenger Hunt at Summer Camp. It also get you a Go Green Raffle Ticket, entry to this gets you a chance to win great prize packs! How can you participate you ask? Bring to our booth by the Soulshine Tent at Summer Camp, a 12oz cup equivalent of sorted extinguished butts (ash may be included) or Approx 10 pieces of either Pack’s and Cellophane’s or Rollie Pouches. We ask that everything be as sorted as possible. After that we will package them all up and send them off to TerraCycle sponsored by Sante Fe Natural Tobacco where they will be weighed and recycled into a variety of industrial products, such as plastic pallets, and any remaining tobacco will be re-worked into tobacco composting.