Tobacco Waste Drive

Butt It and Bin It

This year we have started a great new program called “Butt it and Bin it”.  We have partnered with TERRACYCLE and Santé Fe Natural Tobacco Co. to collect and recycle cigarette butts and tobacco product packaging.  The


program consists of event patrons collecting and turning in butts to our station(s) at events and by working with the event coordinators to provide to you intensives such as games, raffles and prizes.  Our team also help by
We also have our pocket ashtrays available now for a $1 donation.  The pocket ashtrays work by allowing you to extinguish your still lite cigarette in the pouch and close the flap which seals in the smell.  Then you put it in your pocket to go and when it gets full you can either save up your collection till one of our next events (or if you are at one of our events you can find our station(s) ) or you can email us and we will send you a Mailing slip to send your collections right to our processor.being mobile and walking the ground looking for tobacco waste and collecting that way as well.

You may be curious what kind of thing can be created from the reclaimed tobacco products.  The butts and the ash are processed down into an industrial grade plastic used to make pallets and I have often seen cup holder ashtrays made from this plastic sold at stores all around.  Any tobacco reclaimed isn’t wasted either, it is composted along with other compostable materials our processors reclaims through other programs.  The packs are recycled with cardboard and the cello reclaimed from the fresh seal wrapping and from the roll your own pouches is plastic recyclable.

We hope to seen all of you out at our events helping to keep our music scene clean!