Tobacco Waste Recycling at Shoe Fest 2013


Sustainable Concepts Green Team attended the third annual Shoe Fest at Camp Shaw in rural Manteno and it was a huge success. Both the festival and the band, Old Shoe, that inspired it were great hosts as were the coordinators, Kate Benson, Zack Schwindermann and Mike Kaiz.

Shoefest2013-1Shoefest2013-4Sunday afternoon, the stones that had spelled out “Shoe Fest” in Rock Creek now read “Shoe Love” where an estimated 1,600 people attended the music festival this year, up considerably from the roughly 1,000 that streamed into Kankakee County last year.

Out of the folks who attended, we had 9 sign up for the Eco-Camper Challenge and we awarded 3 of those with merchandise packages from Jaik Willis, Thinner Teed, Copecetic, Afternoon Moon and of course Old Shoe including T-shirts, CDs and stickers.

Organizers of the fest have signed a three-year deal to keep Shoe Fest here for at least another two years and Sustainable Concepts has agreed to support the green team efforts during that time with our Eco-Camper Challenge that includes points for re-usable water storage, washable dinnerware and of course our Tobacco Recycling programs. Our estimate is over 2 lbs. of cigarette waste was collected

which equates to about 2400 butts that were kept off of the festival grounds.

Meanwhile, we hung out with hundreds of festivalgoers who pitched tents and settled in around the summer campgrounds. Others, like us, camped in their RVs and enjoyed contemporary folk and bluegrass, jam bands and the ubiquitous Allie Kral as she made many appearances with bands including Brainchild, Floodwood and Old Shoe.

This event was one of our favorites of the festival season!